Garrison Brothers Cowboy Bourbon

MCF Rare Wine

"The 2023 Cowboy Bourbon greets you with an alluring bourbon perfume, blending scents of fresh lumber and honey wheat bread, potent enough to stir the senses. The initial heat reveals an array of flavors – warm plums, rhubarb, cocoa powder, and cherry juice, balanced by the earthiness of roasted pecans and a touch of white chocolate and clove honey. The finish is a delightful mix of Cinnamon Twizzlers, burnt marshmallows, Werther’s chewy caramels, and red hots in apple cider, leaving behind a warmth akin to spicy citrus cinnamon and comforting apple pie." - Garrison Brothers

Country: USA
Region: Texas
ABV: 70.45%

*All spirit purchases are subject to NY sales tax

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