Castle & Key Small Batch Wheated Bourbon Batch 1 2022

MCF Rare Wine

Batch 1 of Castle & Key Distillery’s inaugural Small Batch Wheated Bourbon is a wheated straight bourbon whiskey produced in Frankfurt, Kentucky. Composed of a mash bill of 73% white corn, 10% wheat, and 17% malted barley, Castle & Key has reimagined the mash bill of their flagship Small Batch Straight Bourbon Whiskey, swapping out the spicy rye for wheat, resulting in a sweeter, creamier finish. Distilled in a Vendome copper column still, this is the oldest release yet from Castle and Key at 5 years. Aromas of caramel, persimmon, malted milk ball, and wintergreen transition to a medium-bodied palate of shortbread, leather, and light allspice before finishing with sweet black tea. Batch 1 reveals a warmer, more confectionary profile than the fruitier, slightly spicier Batch 2. Non-chill filtered; 50% ABV.

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