ArteNOM Tequila Blanco Historico Seleccion de 1123

MCF Rare Wine

A truly complex and unique expression of Tequila, ArteNOM's 1123 is an homage to the way Blanco Tequila were produced in the early 1900s.  Made from lower-brix valley agave, known for its earthy/vegetal/herbaceous character, it spends a very brief 21-28 days in old Brandy casks that previously held Mezcal.  This gives the Blanco a very light tint, a kiss of subtle wood and accentuates the already savory depth.  For those looking for the real-deal rustic character of Agave, and not food-colored, sugar-doctored vanilla bombs!  
43% ABV

*All spirit purchases are subject to NY sales tax.

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