Gonc Winery Harvest Moon Orange 2021

MCF Rare Wine

Gönc winery is a family tradition going back to 1936, when Peter Gönc’s great grandfather built their first wine cellar and planted the vineyard around it in the small town of Dobrovnik in Slovenia. Passed down from father to son, Peter finally got his turn, further growing the estate and the Gönc family name. 

Fun fact: Gönc is actually a name for a barrel that they produce in Hungary, from whence the Gönc family hails, that’s 136 liters volume. The 136 dots on each bottle of their wines are in tribute to the family’s long history in the area’s wine community.

When you take Pinot Grigio and pour your soul into it, you get Harvest Moon, so named because each vintage the grapes are picked under this auspicious full moon. Why Pinot Grigio? If you make a long maceration and don’t use sulfites, and let nature take its course, you will get the color of the full moon! A little red berried, a little earthy, a little mineral, a little funky... This one is teaser: is it a rose or an orange wine? Yes!

Vintage: 2021
Country: Slovenia
Region: Štajerska
Appellation: Štajerska
Grapes: Pinot Grigio
Farming: Organic
Drink: Now-2024

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